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We were where you are not too long ago.

We were in jobs that paid pretty well, that we could talk ourselves into as "the right place to be for now."

But if we were really honest with ourselves, we knew there was more.

One of us traveled every single week for a consulting job, which included two plane rides and 4 hours in a rental car.

The other worked 72-84 hours per week in finance, wishing away workdays, missing personal commitments, and waiting for weekends and vacation days to enjoy life.

We had always wanted to be entrepreneurs, but were told that we have to “put our time in”.

Luckily, we had each other to relate to our experiences of time famine, working in potential-limiting jobs, and our desire for a more purposeful life.

So we asked ourselves many questions, one of which became the catalyst for not accepting the status quo and deciding to make a change:


What's actually holding us back from living life on our terms?

We realized that it was only a few things:

  • Our acceptance of young professional culture
  • Our limiting beliefs about not being ready, worthy, and experienced
  • Our fears of leaving secure jobs and the associated risks

By simply identifying and aggressively attacking these obstacles, we removed the barriers preventing us from living life on our terms.

We worked on turning our passion project into a full-time business after work, on weekends, and even on vacation days, and in August 2015 left our corporate jobs to live as entrepreneurs full time.

That's why we started this blog: to help you start living your Second-to-None (220) Life as soon as possible.

Not in retirement. Not once you're older. Right Now.


    The first steps are simply to:

    • Shatter your limiting beliefs that what you want is indefinable, or way in the future
    • Identify what's holding you back from your ultimate definition of success
    • Commit to attacking these barriers with confidence, passion, and persistence

    Which is exactly what we help you do in this free course.

    If you're tired of working at an unfulfilling job, living on someone else's schedule, being constrained to the traditional workweek, and ready to design a life full of passion, excitement and flexibility every single day, then sign up for our 7-Day Email Challenge below.

    Dream Big. Never Settle. Live 220.

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