Hey! We're Matthew & Joseph.

Growing up as brothers, we weren’t the smartest, the most talented, the most athletic, the most anything, really.

But we did do one thing that stood out:

We never stopped pursuing our passions.

  • A burning love for sports turned into...

  • Volunteer basketball and football coaching, which turned into...

  • Starting a leadership camp, which turned into...

  • A passion project while we were in banking and consulting, which turned into...

  • A full-time entrepreneurial business by the ages of 25 and 23.


For us, all 7 days in a week are the same: full of love, passion, excitement, and fulfillment. Because if we could have any job in the world, we’d choose this one.

But not too long ago, we were pretty far away from all of this.

The Invisible Script

We graduated from college with finance degrees because that’s what we were “supposed to study”.

We got jobs in finance and consulting because that's where we were "supposed to work."

It didn't take long before the monotony and misery started to kick in:

  • Late nights, weekends and holidays at the office

  • Traveling to rural cities by plane and 2+ hours in the car every single week

  • Feeling "trapped" by the cushy salary, and the hope that promotions, raises and bonuses would make things better

We stuck with it for awhile because that's what young professionals are "supposed to do"- stay on script.


The Right Questions

One night, we were on the phone together after we both had worked another long day, talking about our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and how frustrated we were about all the reasons we couldn't have that yet.

But then we dug deeper into those reasons, and discovered that all of them were either (1) assumptions about what you were "supposed to do" as a young professional, or (2) our own psychological barriers.

So then we asked ourselves three important questions:

  • Whose script are we following anyway?

  • Do we have to stay on script?

  • Why can't we start living our ultimate life right now?

Fast forward 12 months: We became full-time entrepreneurs with a company built around our passions for developing young leaders. We wake up every day with the freedom to either do work we absolutely love, or just go play.

Leaving the corporate rat race has allowed us to live a life with freedom most think is only possible in retirement.


Rewrite Your Script

We want to help you rewrite your script from chasing higher salaries & bonuses, promotions, and the traditional path- to doing work you love and living everyday with passion, flexibility, and fulfillment.

You do not have to be an entrepreneur to live this way.

But you will have to challenge all the traditional assumptions about time, money, and work, which is where we can help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We aren't for everyone.

If this sounds too good to be true, or you think we're full of it, we appreciate you spending time on our site but this probably isn't for you.

If this does resonate with you, if you've ever wondered if there's more, and want support from other like-minded young professionals pursuing their Second-to-None (220) Lives, then we'd love for you to join our community.

220 is the result of 20+ years of research, experience, testing, and programs that are proven to work.

Bottom Line: You don't have to wait to live your 220 Life when you're older.

All it takes is the right psychology and a willingness to take action.

We're here to help you with both.

Your biggest fans,

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Matthew & Joseph Moheban