Our Journey from Finance To Freedom, How to Start Your Side Hustle, and Why You Should Fully Integrate Work and Life

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"If there is something that's not right about your career or your life, think hard about the cost of inaction and how much it's costing you to leave the status quo unchanged."

We were recently featured on the Zero To CEO Podcast with Austin Belcak (click on the play button above to listen) to talk about our journey into entrepreneurship, how to start your side hustle, and the why your work and life should be fully integrated. The intro from Austin is below:

Today on the ZTC podcast, I've got Matthew & Joseph Moheban from Live220.

Matthew & Joseph started out their professional lives following the "traditional script." Go to college, major in business, get a job in finance, and climb the ladder.

After three grueling years in the finance world, they decided it was time to re-write their script and live life on their own terms. Now they help coach students and young professionals on how to follow their passions and live their ultimate life.

Austin is the founder of Cultivated Culture, a company that helps young professionals accelerate their career by increasing their salaries, gaining unique experience to jump the corporate ladder, or finding and landing their dream job.

Austin's content is unique, practical, and easy to implement. I've taken a lot away from his regular emails and posts, and highly recommend checking out his site and resources.

For example, his comprehensive guide on crafting a resume is the best I've seen because it's about more than just making it look and sound good. It's designed to help your resume stand out from the masses, demonstrate your unique value to your dream company, and develop strong relationships in a short amount of time with your interviewers.

Disrupt The Cycle

If work and life feel separate, if you get substantially more excited for life outside of work, it's time to make a change.

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