Preview: The 7 Obstacles Keeping You From Your Ultimate Life

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The feedback on our free 7-Day email challenge has been amazing. In this challenge we dive into the 7 most common obstacles keeping young professionals from living their ultimate life, and how to overcome each one.

Your ultimate life is where you do work that lights you up; where you're free from all the traditional limitations of time, money, and work; and you live on your terms every single day.

If you're living anything less than what that means to you, it's time to make a change. Our 7-Day Challenge will help you do that.

Below we included the Day 1 email as a preview of the challenge.

Day 1: Time

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.” -Steve Jobs

Why Time?

Time is the foundation for everything. It’s nonrenewable and the most valuable resource in our lives.

Ironically, it's also the resource we most undervalue.

  • We’re comfortable wishing away time to get to the end of the workday, workweek, or next vacation we have planned. When you wish away a workday, that’s 8-12 hours per day, or 40-60 hours per week, or (jumping ahead) 80,000 hours of your life that you’re just wishing away!
  • We think too short-term so that we can justify to ourselves, “what’s one more day/week/month/year?”, continuously putting off the changes we desperately want to make.
  • We let other people dictate how we spend most of our time, like our boss, our customers, or the traditional workweek. So our time gets overcommitted to unimportant, unexciting things. As a result, time actually becomes the excuse- because we don’t have enough time to make the big change we’ve been putting off.

Daily Challenge: How to Overcome The Time Barrier

If you don’t protect your time, no one else will. You’ll always be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule, watching time tick away on someone else’s clock.

Below are some of the key questions that gave us the courage to escape the traditional path and live on our own terms by 25 and 23. Go through each question below and write down your answers. Go for volume and don’t edit for the strongest impact.

1. Regret Minimization

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos uses a decision-making framework called Regret Minimization, which forces you to make decisions based on which option, when you’re sitting in your rocking chair at 80 years old and look back, will cause you the least amount of regret.

  1. Write down the big decision, change, or passion project you’ve been putting off.
  2. Then use Regret Minimization and write down your answer: At the end of my life, which will I regret more- trying this, or not trying it?

2. Do What You Love

Whether it’s working on something you love, playing something you love, or spending time with the people you love, you should be filling as much time as possible with love.

  1. Are you doing work you love? That gets you excited to wake up everyday? Or are you living for after work, weekends, and vacation time?
  2. If you could do what you love every day, what would that look like? What would you be doing? Describe this in detail, and don’t hold back.
  3. What’s holding you back from this? Waiting for promotions, grad school, someone to tell you that you’re ready?
  4. How close are you to living #2 right now?
  5. What would you have to do to get from from where you are right now to what you wrote down for #2? Write down 3-5 tangible steps.

3. Re-Prioritize Your Time

Don’t think about “having” or “not having” time anymore. Think about “making” or “not making” time for things that matter to you, which is the result of conscious intention and effort.

  1. How can you be more efficient at work to free up time? (i.e. scheduling deep work sessions, batching email and phone calls, getting out of meetings, etc.)
  2. What does your daily schedule look like right now?
  3. If you could design it, what would your ideal schedule look like on a daily basis? Don’t hold back, and don’t feel constrained by your current hours.
  4. What would you have to do to get from from where you are right now to what you wrote down for #3? Write down 3-5 tangible steps.

Go Deeper

See you tomorrow, when we'll tackle the most overhyped obstacle for young professionals.

Dream Big. Never Settle. Live 220.


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