Why I stopped saying "someday"

Photo by  Joshua Earle  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Someday my life will be amazing...

One thing I hear a lot from a lot of young professionals is, "I like what I'm doing for now, but someday I want to do something I'm passionate about."

I was there not too long ago.

I knew someday, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

But the allure of a finance degree from a great business school and the associated high-paying jobs was too much to overcome in college. So my entrepreneurial timeline stayed at someday.

I thought, "I'll work for a few years, save some money and then figure out how to start my business."

But the addictive compensation and environment of like-minded young professionals at my banking job delayed my entrepreneurial dream even further.

"I still want to start a business, but maybe I could do this for awhile. I could work here for another 5-10 years, make a lot of money and learn a lot about business. I could still start my business someday after that."

If I didn't have my wake up call in December 2014 when I didn't get promoted, someday might still be someday.

After I didn't get promoted, I knew it was time to turn someday into a deadline.

In August 2015, I made the jump to do what I love full time.

Someday might as well be never

The problem with someday is that it could be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years... or just as likely:


When I didn't have a deadline, I could always convince myself that one more day wasn't a big deal.

But as you know, those one days build up fast. Because without a deadline, everything else took priority.

I knew I should work on it today, but:

  • I was really busy at work
  • I had to finish the project this week
  • I had to get my workout in
  • I had to go to this event

Once someday became a deadline, I started treating my future company with the same importance as my other commitments. And I started to see progress by stringing together small steps every day, slowly building momentum.

And guess what? I missed my deadline.

I wanted to leave my job in three months. It took six months- 2x the time I intended.

But I still did it. Because I got started.

Because I turned someday into a deadline.

How to get started

So the next time you tell yourself, "what's one more day?"- challenge yourself by instead asking,

"What's one small thing I can do today to start building momentum?"

Use passion as your compass to get started, not as your final destination. For us, that was:

High school sports > volunteer coaching > starting a youth leadership camp > starting 220

Live your passions daily and let them build momentum towards your ultimate life.

Disrupt the cycle

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